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Review Andrea Antonopoulos Book The Internet of Money

the internet of money vol 2Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a form of payment system done on the internet. A lot of people have heard and even used this method but thanks to the author Andreas M. Antonopoulos now we can get an in-depth understanding of what the system is all about especially for the beginners.

The book explains the importance of Bitcoin and why one should consider using this method. Introduced back in 2008, we can say that Bitcoin is going to take over the world since it has changed the lives of thousands of business owners. The fact that the system offers financial independence makes it one of the methods to look out for according to Antonopoulos. A much debated topic as you can see here!

What should you expect to learn from the internet of money book?

• The purpose of the Bitcoin.

Andrew explains the importance of the Bitcoin to the business owners and further suggests that it is one of the newest and best inventions that is going to upgrade and improve the digital currency world.

• The technical function of the system.

In the book, Andreas has also explained various functions that Bitcoin is going to impact the entire world with for the coming few years. First off, as we all know the world is evolving digital wise where people are easily connected with different kinds of internet systems like the social media and so on. Andreas believes that the same way that the internet has impacted and improved our modes of communication, the digital money system is also going to change our economy, political and other social lives positively. This is because the system is one way of creating decentralization among the people.

• Learn about currency independence.

bitcoin and crypto currenciesOther essential information that you can learn from the book is how the system of cryptocurrency gives the users or the current owners the power and privacy in manning their money online. Therefore, the book provides precise information to those who are interested in the digital money system and how it can transform their lives in different ways.

• Gives an in-depth understanding of the Tech behind called Blockchain.

Note that Andreas has been posting a lot of videos educating people about Bitcoin. Also, other people have been giving tutorial teachings on how to use this system. But, this well-outlined book of digital money provides an understanding of the most critical parts of the system. Some readers have also recommended the book for having given them a clear understanding of how the digital money system is going to impact the world at large. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, the book will give you an excellent introduction to Bitcoin and what the system is all about.

• The book discusses the history of money.

Am sure a lot of people do not know about the origin of money but this book by Andreas takes us through the evolution of money. The book also talks about the importance of money, its relation to the society all the way to the invention and introduction of Bitcoin. He closes with a good paragraph related to crypto currency security and how to protect your investments with hardware wallets such as the Trezor or Ledger Nanos S (Test Ledger Nano S)


If you are a beginner or you would want to learn one or two things about the cryptocurrency, get yourself a copy of this magnificent book by Andreas. The book consists of everything you need to know about Bitcoin system and if you want to get even a broader understanding watch Andreas videos on Youtube.