How to publish a book

Publishing your work is the process of deciding to make it public.

The writer who has finished writing his book and made the decision to publish it is about to take a new step, of which he does not necessarily have a full understanding.

Key questions to ask yourself before publishing your book.

1. Publish yourself or with a publisher?

  • Find a publisher: the hard way.
  • Publishing a book yourself: self-publishing, a long road.
  • Self-publishing: an alternative offering free access as a springboard

2. Publication in digital version on the Internet or in print?

  • A printed book is the dream of most writers.
  • A digital book in a growing ebook market.

The key rules for success

1. Have your book published by a publisher

  • Put on your side all the chances of being read.
  • Select the publishing houses on their editorial line.
  • Highlight in the cover letter what is likely to attract the attention of the first reader.
  • Send a manuscript typed by post.
  • Send a clean and well-presented manuscript.

2. Edit your book without going through a publisher

  • Self-publishing: choose the solution that reaches the broadest possible audience

Register for free and publish on a self-publishing site.

Take care of the presentation of your book so that it is pleasant to read.

Benefit from a wide audience with a community.

Follow the audience of your book on your statistics.

  • Auto edition: choose a sales platform.

Identify the services you need.

List the platforms and compare the conditions.

3. Standard advice for self-publication and self-publishing: a quality finished product

For your readers to want to go further, a careful presentation, close to that of publishing houses, is fundamental.

A cover that attracts the eye creates desire and encourages buying.

  • A professional layout.

The pages on the right (when the book is open) are the first to attract the reader’s attention.

Follow a proper organization of the first pages of your book (for a professional look but also essential to plan before asking a printer for a quote).

A back cover that encourages you to buy (for the paper edition).


You now know how to proceed to publish a book, make a book or create a digital book, you have the keys to self-publish or approach a publisher, choose the option that meets your expectations and successfully publish your book.

Publishing a book is essential. Promoting it and winning its audience is necessary.